Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The God of small things: fire hydrant

a photograph of a colorful fire hydrant in Dem...Image via Wikipedia
After a certain amount of therapy, my eyes started to work and I began noticing a lot of very small things that no one else remarks on not because it's all new to me, I do. For some reason I am really fascinated by the minutiae of every day life. My eyes are starting to see contours. And so any round shiny object gets my attention.

I had my first hot moment when I was pulling out of the parking lot for A Total Approach. I was behind an SUV. When, suddenly,  I noticed all the curvature and the panels of the back door. I started seeing the well for the license plate. The molding around the exterior back door. The curve of the body. The molding of the door as I passed it. Just noticing that there is depth and wisdom to everyday objects.

I have started to notice fire hydrants. I could see the bonnet of the fire hydrant curving, and rounded. And as I began to dwell on fire hydrant I started noticing all the details that go into making them curve out. I started seeing the nozzles, nozzle caps, the base, and the little light on top of the fire hydrant. I started to know that there are many different kinds of fire hydrant in different classes of fire. They are color-coded blue yellow red to indicate how much water can flow through the fire hydrant.

I am wondering if dogs are fearing competition from me. I'm encroaching on their turf.
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