Monday, November 9, 2009

Meeting with the Nutritionist: Taming The Stomach and Sharpening the Brain

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I met with the nutritionist, Kelly Dorfman, who was recommended to me by the folks at a total approach. Kelly Dorfman really knows her biochemistry. I told her about my nonverbal learning disorder, motor apraxia, hearing and vision problems. At first, she thought my problems could stem from some problems that many women face during menopause or perimenopause that seems to manifest themselves as a kind of brain fog, confusion, or absentmindedness. But, upon hearing the full story, I think she understands there is a lot more to it.
During our first meeting, I also told her that I am a little overweight, and that I have a lot of gas. She thinks I have some intolerance to wheat so she put me on a gluten-free diet. Not a strict gluten-free diet, but told me to eliminate pasta, bread, and crackers. She said that by doing that I would also start losing weight. Sure enough, I did. Also, she has me taking some probiotics: PB eight, and DSL. Within a couple days, my stomach was calm and a lot of gas has gone away. Unfortunately, now that my stomach is used to not being aggravated by wheat products, it gets very annoyed when I see something I'd like and decide to eat it anyhow. So, I have replaced pasta, bread, and crackers with potatoes and rice. I really don't miss them. It's just if I'm at a party and see a nice pastry, I kind of liked to eat it.
Kelly Dorfman decided to tackle my cognitive problems with a large dose of fish oil, vitamin E, and a supplement called phosphadytl choline. I feel a lot sharper, and with my stomach calm, I feel very much inside my body. I feel "in there". I feel connected to my body. It's very funny because for a number of years I haven't felt like I was very connected. I had this very strange sense that I was inside my body but I have lost the ability to see all a lot of things. Now, I feel like they are coming back.
A couple weeks after taking the supplements, I have lost 10 pounds so that is a good thing, too.
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