Monday, November 9, 2009

More Drivers for the Future of Autism

Grassroots Economics:
a new localism,
an expanding learning economy,
leveraging institutional predictability and network adaptability,
urban learning Commons,
institutions for collective action
distributed innovation
global trade pedagogy
open economy principles
technologies of cooperation
-- --
Smart networks:
fragmenting preferences
generation Y. attributes
rise of Long tail economics
community value networks
unbundled education
collective assessment
do it yourself
smart mobbing
networking IQ
-- --
Strong Opinions:
Extreme Diversity
seeking spirituality
deep personalization
achieving standards and personalization
personalized learning plans
participatory pedagogy
supporting teachers' rights
an explosion of learning agents
cognitive apprenticeships
re-scripting life
personal Digital media
-- --
Sick Herd
increasing chronic illness
reconciling extreme diversity and deep localism
increasing economic stability
alternative financial models
Cross mentoring for urban survival
participatory governance
healthy shopping
developing readiness and resilience
-- --
End of Cyberspace:
visible community learning
extended child
cheap mobile devices
agile smart schools
kinetic learning in context
integrating digital natives and digital immigrants
serious games
media savvy youths
urban computing