Monday, November 9, 2009

Vitamin Deficiency and Upping the Cognition and Motor Skills

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On our next visit, Kelly Dorfman focused on vitamin deficiencies. She took a good look at my bloodwork and noticed that I have both a B12 and vitamin D deficiency. I was complaining all my life to all the general practitioners I ever saw that I have no sense of smell. Kelly had my GP run a zinc test and the vitamin D test. My GP hemmed and hawed, grumbled, made a few noises about who does she think she is. I did tell him that Kelly is on the governor's board of nutrition in Maryland. To that, he grudgingly admitted that "maybe she knows something". So, he ordered the tests. Lo, and behold, I have a vitamin D deficiency.
Kelly Dorfman was the first person, after all these years, to try and do something about things that I have been complaining about to all my GP's.  Gosh, the vitamin B deficiency has been showing up on all my basic blood work. I have been complaining about lack of sense of smell and too much gas to every doctor.
She also decided to work on a cognition portion a bit further. She is adding phosphadytl serline. Also, she is going to help out the motor apraxia by including the supplement, piracetam.

One thing about Kelly is that she is very particular about where she sources her vitamins and supplements. She avoids using the major chains because so much is imported from China and the quality is uncertain.
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