Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tomatis loop two

West Philadelphia, view down Baltimore Avenue ...Image via Wikipedia
Tomatis loop two was not as tiring as the first loop. The way a total approach does things there is 15 visits in the (Luke one), followed by a break of the month, and then nine days of occupational therapy, followed by a break for a month and then finally nine more days of therapy. So I am in have finished the second round. That is, to say, it wasn't tiring dealing the occupational therapy but for some reason after I finished, I was really tired for about a week. It didn't help that my husband's schedule was a little bit erratic and he was coming home very late and waking up very early so that threw me off of that. I talked Angela of that and she described this phase of Tomatis as your neurons are starting to entangle a bit so I didn't feel as much progress as I felt in the first loop in the first loop I could really feel some very large jumps in my hearing and then Mike vision and in my balance. This time it was a lot more supple. Maybe I'm just getting used to do the therapy. Or maybe that's just the way progress this. But this this time I felt that the background noises in my hearing were filling in. That I could start to see more detail in the world around me. I have this incredible collection of odd notes about traveling down 95.

It's very funny I'm noticing a huge amount about the industrial rooftops of Northeast Philly. All kinds of odd shaped chimneys and then and roofing. For the first time I noticed the different colors in the types of the pipes of the Philadelphia electric company. I am noticing some of the different patterns in the skyscrapers of Philadelphia.
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