Monday, November 9, 2009

Update with Angela at A Total Approach

Today, I have a follow-up call with Angela at A Total Approach. We quickly went over some of the changes that have occurred since the last round of occupational therapy. I told her that I was having problems hearing the end of words and certain portions of songs. My husband is noting that he doesn't have to repeat himself quite so much. Visually, I am noticing some objects are rounder such as fire hydrant, cupola, the lids of street lamps, newls of banisters, and old telephone junction boxes. I am starting to see peripheral vision a little bit. I am much less jerky and more fluid in my motions.

I told her I saw Kelly Dorfman, a nutritionist. I really think that a Total Approach really made a difference and Kelly Dorfman gave me a lift on top of what a total approach does. Kelly Dorfman thinks that I have a wheat allergy. She has recommended that I stop eating bread, pasta, and crackers. I have done so. I feel a heck of a lot better. She is also helping me out with executive function and has recommended that I take fish oil, vitamin E., and phosphatidylcholine. I feel much clearer mentally.

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