Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Vision therapy: session 1

Well, I started vision therapy. It's rather interesting. I began looking through these colored lenses: one red and one green, I think. They had me doing different exercises with these glasses. Then I went and worked on the computer and we played list some stereo games where I was looking at the box with different patterns in different places on the screen trying to see when the boxes popped out in 3D. I don't think I did too  good on this. One eye is at about 45%; and the other eye is about 60%. However,  playing around with stereo images on the computer did have a brief flash for me. There are some paper hands floating in the air for a brief moment, I saw them in 3D.

The funny thing is that I worked for a research laboratory doing Virtual Reality Gaming in stereo.  So know I know what I was supposed to be seeing.  At the time I was doing Virtual Reality, I was fascinated by stereo.  To me it was just a cool effect that happened when you put on special glasses.  I never realized that this was the way that everyone else saw the world.
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