Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Walking in the woods

Walking in the woods is a new experience. It is no longer a green tunnel into which I would dwell in my own thoughts. Being verbal means you verbalize thoughts. This may start seeing rather trite until you begin to understand what multiple intelligence means and that there are many many different people who dwell in the visual world. For my counterpart, that would be living in the video world a world of pictures. A world where people are in the moment of their picture. Whereas, for me, it is just talk talk talk talk. I talk and talk and talk.

I can be lost in my own thoughts and not realize what is going on in the world around me. I have very poor visual memory. So I can walk by things and not remember them. I live in the world of words. I live in the world where people and events live. I often don't live in the moment, or in the world. But I live in a very very verbal world. A world where I reminisce, project, or imagined.

Now, when I go walking sometimes I go back to my old world. But often times I am in the New World during seeing things around me. I am starting to see things it in a wider point of view. So I'm seeing more and more around
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