Monday, December 14, 2009

Textures Come Alive

MacDonalds sign in Times Square, New YorkImage via Wikipedia
My eyes are starting to focus much better and I am starting to see all kinds of textures where previously I had seen a flat screen of color.

Like, I never knew that the Golden Arches of McDonald's had notches.  Or the red and black trim of Taco Bell.

Trunks of trees fascinate me... The Rhytidome, the outer bark, with its gnarled ridges of cork.  Each species of tree has its own particular reticulation with rhythm and rhyme of ridge, depth, rise and color.  Parasite vines girdle the trees -- fuzzy with overgrowth from mosses and lichens.

Gnarling leads me to knurling... from a distance, I can see the knurls of metal objects meant to grip... knurls of pins, knobs, screws and nuts where before I had to hold these objects close up.

While driving, I can see the plastic coated knurls of a tailight's lens.

There are a lot of old Pennsylvania farmhouses dating back to the 1600's and 1700's near me.  Houses built of fieldstone, bluestone patios and cobbled driveways and walks.  Now, I can see where the edges of fieldstone strike white mortar.   Reeds of natural cleft bluestone reveal the layers of quarried stone fused together.  Homes here were built like fortresses -- truly each man's home was his castle.  Homes are roofed in cedar or slate shingles, or metal.  There are a few copper roofs that glisten in the sun.
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