Friday, January 15, 2010

Checklist: Problems Playing Sports May Indicate Vision Problems

Difficulty catching a ball
Excessive Rubbing of the Eye or Blinking
Constantly Misjudging the Distance to the Basket
Inability to Hit or Serve an Overhead Shot in Tennis
Frequently Running Into Teammates or Opponents


Seems Unduly Tired Though in Good Shape
Reports Blurred Vision After Practice at School But not On the Weekend
Reports Blurred Vision As Day Progresses
Has Difficulty Adjusting From Near to Far


Jerky or Erratic Eye Movements
Frequent Movement of Head to Follow the Ball
Inability to Hit a Baseball
Difficulty Tracking a Tennis Ball
Inability to Head a Soccer Ball Accurately
Short Attention Span


Poor Contact in HittingPlayer May Hit a Few Home Runs but Strikes Out Often
Tennis Player Has Good Form But Makes Poor Contact With Ball
Difficulty Learning Ping Pong, Badminton, or Volleyball
Inability to bounce a Basketball or Kickball More Than Three Times Consecutively
Trouble Playing A Simple Game of Catch

from Dr. Arthur Seiderman's book, 20/20 is Not Enough:  The New World of Vision

These problems are not caught by the average opthamologist or optometrist:  They need a developmental optometrist trained in Vision Therapy and may be indicative of more extensive problems with vision.

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