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Checklist to See If You've Gone Mad at Middle Age

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Dr Wargis has compiled a list of Women's Hormonal Misconnection  Syndrome to help women categorize where and how they've lost their minds!

Thinking Changes

  • Losing Your Train of Thought
  • Unable to concentrate
  • Losing Agility 
  • Forgetting What You Came in the Room For
  • Experiencing a Thought Blockade
  • Fluctuating Ability to Prioritize

Speech Changes

  • Forgetting well-known and long-used names
  • Using filler words -- whadja ma call it, thinger
  • Words on the Tip of the Tongue
  • Malapropism -- misusing a word
  • Organizing sentences and ideas less efficiently
  • Reversing Whole Words
  • Reversing Letters

Changes in the Beam of Attention

  • "Blinking Attention Span" when listening or interacting
  • Listening but not always "there" or attentive
  • Blanking out amnesia for something recently done
  • Distractability

Memory Changes

  • Fluctuating agility in counting and calculating
  • Changes in speed and accuracy of memory retrieval
  • Forgetting the content of a movie but remembering your emotional reaction to it

Behavioral Changes

  • Unintended slips in Behavior, like putting the shampoo in the refrigerator
  • Feeling like automatic skills are not so automatic, like driving
  • Dropping things that require fine hand/motor coordination
  • Forgetting how to do well-known skills
  • Difficulty in handling the same amount of stress

Spatial Skills Changes

  • Looking At but Not Seeing Things that are Right in Front of You
  • Forgetting how to get to well known landmarks
  • Changing reading skills
  • Not wanting to read as much, especially if formerly a heavy reader
  • Experiencing Familiar places as if they were new

Altered Sense of Time

  • Forgetting Appointments More
  • Forgetting important anniversaries and dates
  • Living more in the present  -- split film-framed sense of time

From Warga's Book
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