Friday, January 15, 2010

Flummoxed by Up, Down, Left, Right: My Adventures with Brainware Safari

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I went to Vision Therapy the other day and I was running late due to some construction on Rte 206 so we didn't do much.  We just had time for some computer games so I went on my Brainware Safari.  Good thing this has nothing to do with finding your way through a real jungle...I played the game with the three shapes: Square, Triangle, and Circle  that were sitting above or below a line.  I had 10 seconds to figure out which one was above/below the other and to the left/right of the other.  I couldn't do it.  I couldn't get out of Level 1.  There were 10 Levels.  Not only could I not get out of Level 1 but I couldn't even break 25% of Level 1.

This game is supposed to help my spatial orientation and my sense of direction.  I get lost a lot while driving as you can well imagine.  You don't know how annoying it is to start off in your car in one direction and think you are on the right path and then 15 minutes later be highly unsure as to which way you are going.   I really don't have much in terms of an internal gyroscope.

There was a perky little girl next to me who just couldn't help but give me advice... Oh yeah, and tell me how bad I was doing.   She was cute.  She told me that she would be playing Jimminy Cricket in Pinnochio.  I could see why.

It was a day of infamy.  My own Pearl Harbor.  And to be lectured to by a 7 year old, no less.
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