Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hartge's Yacht Yard and Galesville

Hartge's Yacht Yard where my boat is

My Goal for this summer is to be back on my boat.  I want to be able to see my boat and where it lives in all its glory.    With a little bit of luck, I will have finished all my therapies, except for some cognitive therapy once a week and I will be enjoying life

Thomas Point Lighthouse

I sail past this lighthouse on my way out of the West River where I keep my boat to the Chesapeake Bay.

Another view of Hartge's

Here's a little history of Galesville for the history buffs

Hartge's had started back in the late 1800's when Oscar Hartge started his  piano making business.  Unfortunately, with the Civil War, the piano business took a nose dive, so Oscar Hartge went into the boat business. 
Galesville has always been a good place for boats to go to in a storm ever since pre-revolutionary times, ergo, the name "Galesville".   So Hartge started building boats and then went into starting the marina.

The Hartges built some of the skipjacks,  the old oyster boats, seen here on the bay state.

 Picture of a skipjack

and, then went on to build some of the classic small racing boats used here on the Chesapeake such as the Cheseapeake 20,
           Chesapeake 20
the Albatross, and the Sea Witch.   Other Boats owned or built by the Hartge's include:
Chesapeake #30, fully restored and 
owned by Totch Hartge.
It was Cap'n Dick Hartge's boat, his father.

Cutty Shark #77.
Owned by Buddy Hartge
Destroyed in 1975

In 1934, they constructed replica ships of the Ark and Dove for the state of Maryland.

          Replica of the Dove

For those of you unfamiliar with the founding of the state of Maryland, the Ark and the Dove were the ships that first brought settlers up the Chesapeake.  The Ark and Dove's story in the founding of Maryland

So, as you can see... Hartge family has been interwoven in the history of Maryland and Chesapeake sailing.

For More on History of the Hartge's
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