Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Boat: a 30' Lippincott

Lippincott is an old Maryland Eastern Shore Family.   They've been here since before the Revolution.  In fact, they made a one-liner in James Mitchener's book, Chesapeake.

Although many one-design sailors are familiar with Lippincott Boat Works of Riverton, NJ, this is not a particularly well known builder among most cruising sailors. One of only two cruiser models ever built by the company, the Lippincott 30 is a comfortable, well-built boat that offers good sailing characteristics. And, because its builder is less well known, it is typically priced below other builders of similar quality boats.

Lippincott Boat Works was founded in 1946 by brothers Howard and Robert Lippincott, and throughout most of the company’s 40-year history, they built one-design racing sailboats. Some of the best sailors in the world—Tom Blackaller and Dennis Conner to name only two, and some less notables, such as yours truly—have competed and won in Lippincott-built Comet, Lightning, and Star class one-design boats.

The Lippincott 30 was designed by Howard “Skip” Lippincott Jr. and was introduced in 1979. It remained in production until the mid-1980s although fewer than 100 boats were produced. The design features 1970s-era contemporary styling and a moderate approach to sailing performance and cruising comforts.  Read More on Lippincott 30