Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Promise to Myself: If My Vision Gets to be Normal, I Will Learn to Fly

My promise to Myself:  If my vision can be corrected to flight standards, I will learn to fly.  I have always wanted to learn and over the years, I have looked into taking flight lessons.  Looking back on it, it's a good thing I have put it off.  Right now, I have enough depth perception to pass an automobile test  but I really do drive by looking at the relative size of passing shapes of cars  and other objects, There's a lot I have to correct in terms of vision:  convergence insufficiency, eye teaming, perceptual difficulties, stereo visioneye-hand coordination, eye and other motor skills.  But if the good Doctor Herzberg and staff can fix it and certify me to flight standards, I will fly. 

Courage is the price that Life exacts for granting peace.
The soul that knows it not Knows no release from little things:
Knows not the livid loneliness of fear,
Nor mountain heights where bitter joy can hear
The sound of wings.
How can life grant us boon of living, compensate
For dull gray ugliness and pregnant hate
Unless we dare The soul's dominion?
Each time we make a choice, we pay
With courage to behold the restless day,
And count it fair.

— Amelia Earhart