Sunday, January 3, 2010

Results from Third Round of Tomatis Show Improvement

Life has definitely improved!

Maude from A Total Approach gave me the findings from the three rounds of therapy and the listening tests.  I have improved across the board although I still have some problems in the 500 decibel and 2000 decibel ranges.

I can sing on key!   This is great!  I'm not consistent but I can get myself back on key.

I can hear the lyrics in music and many of the "voices" and harmony in songs!  I now realize that sound engineers generally try to get the balance in recordings such that most people can hear the lyrics!

My husband isn't repeating himself as much.... There isn't the aggravated, "I TOLD YOU!"

My posture has definitely improved.  I am sitting and standing much straighter.  There is a lot more fluidity in my movements.  I'm not as stilted as I used to be.

My speech is much less halting.  I am also more to the point.  It takes me one sentence to say what it was formerly taking me three sentences.  I was definitely slowing down and taking way too long to get my thoughts out before I started therapy.

I can see the contours of objects.  I have a wider field of vision.  Life is not going through a narrow tunnel.   I can see a lot more details of the world around me.  Everything from the contours of car bumpers to fire hydrants to branches of trees and tree bark.

Hand-Eye coordination is definitely better.  I am not dropping things as much as I used to.    I am not afraid of taking out the Romertoff from my oven and dropping it.  I was genuinely afraid that I would spill the whole thing all over myself.  I can shoot basketball hoops.

I am better organized.  I use Ical and todo lists like mad.  More Stuff is getting done.  My focus is a lot better.

I changed my morning routine to account for the fact that I am a "low registration" type person.  What does that mean?  I get myself going more gently and more sensually.  For example, I use a light enabled alarm which starts like the dawn and slowly lights the room.  Gentle bird calls follow.  After that, a hand-crafted CD starting with a couple of soft Enya songs, followed by gentle and then more lively Mozart pieces.  Finally, the alarm goes off.  It's much easier on the system rather than being drowsy and then being assault by a blaring noise.  When I take a shower, I use a loofa to stimulate my skin.  And, finally, some days, I turn on some aromatherapy to diffuse a nice spearmint smell.  This is my morning sensory diet.  The mornings are not so jarring.
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