Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Say What? Hearing in a Noisy Room and Neuroscience

Roger Caron at a hearing in 2001Image via Wikipedia
Huh?  Say What?

It's not just Dyslexia but also sufferers from Central Auditory Processing Disorder have problems hearing in noisy environments.  Loud noisy bars and crowded mixers are problematic for me.  I find that I have to do a lot of lip reading and not as much eye contact as I would like.    This can make me seem like I'm a little clueless because I have to focus so much on lip reading that I miss body language and visual cues coming from the  eyes... like when you start to look away from the other person because you are maybe a little bored or put off by the topic.  Or you are starting to shuffle away or tighten up because you don't like the remark that was made.

Dyslexia and the Cocktail Party effect

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