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An Opening to the World with Music

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Described as "an opening to the world",   Tomatis training improves hearing, balance and other sensory processing.  Developed by Alfred Tomatis over 60 years ago, this training has been used to combat not only learning disabilities but to help singers and actors improve their performances.  Most notably, the great opera singer, Maria Callas, used the method to assist in her comeback.  Gerald Depardieu, the famous French actor, used this method to overcome difficulties in speech, especially in formulating sentences:  "Before Tomatis, I could not complete any of my sentences. It was he who helped give continuity to my thoughts, and he was he who gave me the power to synthesize and understand what I was thinking".

Attention, focus, learning, and language abilities can all be improved by retraining the ear to listen using charging high-frequency sounds that include music by Mozart and Gregorian Chants . In many cases, the recorded voice of the biological mother is added. The Electronic Ear is the basic of the therapy. Special filters which alter the sound reproduction train the ear that is not functioning well. In fact the little muscles of the middle ear are trained so they can help the ear to focus properly. Right- and left hemisphere are stimulated simultaneously and at the same time the right ear is favoured as the leading control.
According to Dr. Tomatis, The Tomatis effect works with filtered music by exercising the ear's three functions:
  • Hearing

    • Hearing vs Listening.   Hearing is a passive phenomenon..  Listening is active.  Many people

  • Spatial Dynamics

    • Knowing where sound is coming from

  • Charging or Recharging of  Brain. and the Body with Electric Potential.  This is the most controversial of all of Tomatis' claims.

Here is a Checklist to see if Tomatis might be appropriate for you.

In his essay, "Pourquoi Mozart", Dr. Tomatis looks at Mozart more philosophically as an "auditory vision".  He also relates it to a vision of cosmology (view of man's place in the world).  Tomatis sees Mozart as the link relating multiple spheres of the Kosmos:  cosmos (or the physiosphere or geosphere), the bios (or biosphere), psyche  (or the noosphere), and Theos (or divine domain).  In other words, Mozart links the physical world  to the living world that exists below the earth's surface, on earth itself, and in the atmosphere, with the human soul and the divine, spiritual level.  Tomatis believes that music is a portal into the brain and links it back to the wider universe.

How does this happen?  It is through a process of entrainment where the frequencies of music are tuned to the frequencies in biological processes both within the person (physically and mentally) and within nature.  Entrainment is the synchronization of organisms to an external rhythm,
The Conscious Ear: My Life of Transformation Through Listening
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