Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Vision Therapy, Convergence and Divergence and 3D Movies and TV

I had another session of vision therapy today where we worked on convergence and divergence:  making the eyes go in towards the nose and then out.   I wore the glasses and worked on looking at a red and green connected field which I replicated with rubber bands and a peg board. With my glasses on, I looked up and all of a sudden, I saw the Christmas cards and decorations on the wall in 3D.  They were just popping right out out at me.  One of these days, I will go through life like this.

After this exercise,  I read letters from four placards placed on both sides of a door.  But I didn't read them normally.  I read a letter on one and then a letter on the placard on the other side of the door, then the placard below and then the placard above.

Interesting Factoid:  my assistant visual therapist worked for the grand daddy vision therapist of them all:  Dr. Seiderman before she cam to work for Dr. Herzberg.

This weekend, I will go see Avatar at the movies.  It will be very interesting to watch a movie in 3D and realize that this is the way the rest of the world sees life.   My husband and I went to the Camden Aquarium and saw "From Pole to Pole" in 3D Imax with 3D glasses.   Very cool.
You realize that at the Consumer Electronics Convention in February they will be pushing 3D TV.  ESPN will have a channel in 3D.  The NBA and the NFL have been broadcasting in 3D already.  The TV manufacturers are hoping that 3D will spark people into replacing their old TV sets.

Most of the TVs will require special glasses to get the effect.  But there are manufacturers who are supposed to have 3D TVs that don't need the glasses.   I wonder if this will start to spark some realization from folks without stereo vision that they are missing something.   I don't know.  I worked in a Virtual Reality lab and never realized that I missed a thing.

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