Thursday, March 18, 2010

The coming Noosphere

Note:  This is still a work in progress.  But here are some of my thoughts on how we will evolve. 
“We stand at the threshold of a new renaissance in science and technology, based  on a comprehensive understanding of the structure and behavior of matter from the nanoscale up to the most complex system yet discovered, the human brain. Unification of science based on unity in nature and its holistic investigation will lead  to technological convergence and a more efficient societal structure for reaching  human goals."
Roco, Bainbridge (2002)

The Noosphere is the Sphere of human thought and according to Verdansky, it is the third in the succession of phases of development on Earth.  The first two stages of development are the geosphere (the physical Earth) and the biosphere (the living Earth).  The Noosphere is the stage where mankind begins to create resources through the interaction of minds. 

I think we are at a critical point in time where the convergences of new technologies NBIC and the ability to link human thoughts through the internet and social media will lead to fundamental changes in the biosphere and in human relations on an individual level as well as a social and political levels.

There is a convergence between major new NBIC technologies:  nanotechnologybiotechnologyinformation technology and cognitive technology (neurotechnology).   Each discipline is both a major field in and of itself and a player in the development of new hybrid technologies.

Six priority areas have been identified: nano-bio processors for research and development of treatments, including those resulting from bioinformatics, genomics and proteomics; nanotechnology-based implants and regenerative biosystems as replacements for human organs or for monitoring of physiological well-being; nanoscale machines and comparable unobtrusive tools for medical intervention; multi-modality platforms for increasing sensorial capabilities, particularly for visual and hearing impaired people; brain-to-brain and brain-to-machine interfaces; and virtual environments for training, design, and forms of work unlimited by distance or the physical scale on which it is performed.

Cognitive science development have major implications in neural informatics: logic language and computing, reason in decision making, bio informatics and biological cybernetics, cognitive and computational psychos physic. By definition these developments will also occur in cognitive neuroscience is: mathematics in cognitive neuroscience, systems neuroscience, multimodal interfaces, sciences and cognitive studies. Practical implications of these lead to direct improvements in robotics, brain machine interface, motor prosthesis, and vehicle guidance system. In cognitive Bio tech systems, we will see new automatic algorithmic applications. In the information technology and cognitive overlap, we will see widening brain capacities, the volume tip computing, cognitive reinforcement drugs, and Bio robots.

If you add in developments in IT (the "I" in NBIC), you can see that technology is on track to  to link data,  artificial technology and social connectivity.  All of the above technolgies described in the olive green technologies above will form the backbone for the evolution in increasing social connectivity.

Beyond the technological interconections of neurotechnology with nanotechnology and biotechnology are the interconnections of neurotechnology with science, law, education, social sciences, and  economics, business, and the humanities

So you will add the developments in the humanities and social sciences coupled with neurotechnology and you will start to see an enhanced realm 
We will see where cyberspace (IT) will enhance the infosphere provided by publishing, and media to connect our consciousness.

In conclusion, I am truly rambling here far... very far and wide... but I just wanted to get a few notes down in the blog.   Will try and make more sense of these as I go on.  So bear with me.

Solutions follow perceptions: NBIC and the concept of health, medicine, disability and disease.(Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information Technology and ... ): An article from: Health Law Review