Thursday, February 4, 2010

Getting the Tummy Working

Vitamin B12Image via Wikipedia
Talked to Kelly Dorfman, my nutritionist,  about  malabsorption and losing weight.  Her feeling was that I should ask my doctor about possibly getting some Vitamin B12 shots 1000 mcg (see image above) and may be also adding some digestive enzymes(Digest Gold by Enzymedica possibly taking the following dosage:  1 at dinner -- 1 at breakfast, lunch and 2 at dinner).  Her feeling was that maybe the malabsorption has been going on too long. 

I also mentioned that I have some dark circles under my eyes and suggested that might also point to malabsorption.  She agreed but said it can possibly point to  kidney problems.  I don't think my kidneys have anything wrong with them...blood work doesn't show anything bad ... but I'll keep an eye on them, nonetheless.

She also noted that some of the deficiencies that I am having with hormones are exacerbated by malabsorption. 

As far as losing weight, since I've been losing weight steadily (I've dropped 13-15 lbs since I met her), she thinks that I am on track.  So Kelly's not recommending any major modifications to the diet... but maybe go out for walk -- instead of eating.   Going out for a walk is a little harder than it seems as I have been getting more fatigued. I get up very early between 5:30 am and 6:00 am because my husband has to catch an early train to New York City.  By 5:00 pm,  I am very tired.  But I shall try. I know I have to get my metabolism up.

I asked her about my new found tendancy to go for candy  in lieu of eating wheat or ice cream, but she had nothing to add to it except that since I only do it about once a week, she doesn't see any harm in it.  Kelly thinks that too many rules leads to noncompliance.  She likes to stick to just a couple.  I think that she uses the 80-20 principle... 80% of the gain is due to 20%.

I asked her about substitutes for potato chips.  Since I don't get into wheat products due to my wheat allergy, I tend to want something to snack on.  She suggested freeze dried fruits & vegetables -- snap peas -- that you can get at Whole Foods or Trader Joes.