Sunday, February 7, 2010

Philadelphia City Hall -- I See it in its Detail for the First Time

Taken in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in April ...Image via Wikipedia
Welcome to Philadelphia!

 I can see City Hall in detail these days.  Before it was a rather grey building with some bumpy things on it.  So this is what I am now seeing!

Philadelphia City Hall is one of the largest city halls  in the world.  It was built in the Second Empire style.

Alexander Milne Calder created 250 sculptures for city hall.  Included in his creations is the 37-foot bronze statue of William Penn atop the tower, and the eight bronze sculptures that were installed from 1894-1896 above the clocks/clock level: four eagles (perched above each clock face); a Native American warrior with a dog; a Native American woman with a child; a Swedish man with a child; and a Swedish woman with a child and lamb.

I knew vaguely that William Penn was on top of the building, but I never knew there were 250 sculptures.  That's a lot to be missing!