Friday, March 19, 2010

Fat Palooza -- I Can't Believe What I'm Eating

A pair of In-N-Out cheeseburgers.Image via Wikipedia
Well, from the sublime to the ridiculous, the Journey Through The GI (Gastroenterology System) subplot continues... 

After gathering some wool on the state of the universe in my previous post, I am now down in the ridiculous position of voyaging through my own inner tubes, namely the GI system.

I am checking now for fat malabsorption and need to load up on fat before the test.  I am supposed to eat between 60 and 100 mg of fat for 3 days.  I dont eat fat like this anymore!  It's actually kind of gross.  So, I figured the best place to get lots of fat is fast food...

Bleechh!  I go off to Wendys and order a Double Baconator, Fries and a Frosty Shake.   Yuck!  I probably will break out in a Big Nasty Red Zit.... my tummy will be in an uproar and will let me know about it.  It will get a few kicks in.  I'll bloat up and feel pretty discombobulated and disgusted about it.

You know, this stuff is expensive... this fine cuisine has cost me a whopping $8!  I have no idea how college kids can date... 2 of these would run $16 and then with movies running about $8 a pop, a guy on a first date is out $32!

Day 2 of the Fatpalooza
After a day of totally roiling my tummy, I decided to back off the junk  food and to up my fat intake by using organic peanut butter.  I got 76 mg of fat in. Also had a hot chili with beans... I know... that's not gentling the tummy.    Still feel pretty gross with my lower abdomen telling me how much it doesn't like me.   Went out and exercised to make sure that I was moving my system along.   Believe it or not, I am more than ready for a no-fat repentance.

Day 3 of the Fatpalooza
More peanut butter... feeling kinda blooorgy. Yuck.  Yuck. Yuck.  I am glad Day 3 is over.  I had gotten over fat 20 years ago and had been eating a low fat diet since then.   I don't feel good in my skin and am looking forward to a nice vegetarian meal to cleanse my system.  Did my little test and sent it in.  Glad its over.