Sunday, March 7, 2010

Interactive metronome at Home

Ever have problems keeping to the beat?  I do.  I always thought that it was just being spastic...but apparently, there was more to it.  In my case, spastic = Motor Apraxia.

I will probably be doing the Interactive Metronome (IM) next in therapy.   Basically, IM involves clapping to the beat with a special clapper and receiving feedback when you are off.  I am consistently early to a beat.  You clap in different ways with different parts of your body.  First you clap your hands and then you clap your hands on  your legs and then you tap your feet on a special footpad.  These claps are transmitted to a computer that tells you when you are off.

Interactive Metronome is a neuro-therapy device that incorporates motor planning, rhythmicity, and sensory integration.   Motor planning,  ie, figuring out how to move your body,  requires attention, sensory integration (integrating what your eyes are seeing, your ears are hearing, your body awareness, etc)  synchronization (getting every part of your body to work together), and rhythmicity (making sure that your body is working on cue).

IM helps improve skills in a wide variety of domains. It helps golfers and tennis players improve their swings.  It helps with ADHD and autism by improving concentration, motor planning, control of aggression, language processing and reading. Otherdy uses for the Interactive Metronome include Parkinsons, dyslexia, auditory processing disorder, speech disorders,

How does it do this?  In a nutshell, IM improves timing.  Timing is a fundamental process that cuts across a wide variety of functions in the brain.   You need timing to hit a ball, to move your body to a beat, to concentrate, and to read.  I'll be blogging more on this later.

I am very excited to do IM and am very hopeful.