Thursday, March 11, 2010

The One Who Posses a Hundred Husbands Did Not Get My Engine Going

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My nutrtionist suggested that my current cognitive problems might be affected by my hormones.   When I was younger, I had the adrenaline to just power through my problems.  At middle age, I stop producing progesterone and it affects the amount of adrenaline that I am putting out and so I just don't have the oomph to ally-up-and-over like I used to.

I am just going through the change.... I had never thought too much about it since I am one of the lucky 25% that don't have too much in the way of symptoms:  No night sweats, no moodswings, no hot flashes.   Except for maybe some forgetfulness and just kind of a blah feeling-- lack of drive.  It never really occurred to me that I am getting older.

When I saw my holistic doctor to get to the bottom of my tummy problems, I finally started asking about my hormones.  He checked them and found out I was low.  So he prescribed Shatavari, a Indian herb. Shatavari means one 'who possesses a hundred husbands'.  Well, The One Who Posses a Hundred Husbands Did Not Get My Engine Going.  Possessing One Husband is enough for me!  Although hubby did say I could take on a second one as long as Husband #2 did the housework and paid the bills--Hubby wants to be a passion plaything!

Well, Shatavari helped a bit but I still felt that I was sputtering along.  So he has switched me to a bio-identical hormone, Pregnenolone, "the grandmother of all steroid hormones".  So I'll try it and what happens.  As Alice In Wonderland said, "Eat Me".

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