Monday, March 15, 2010

Vision Therapy Continued

Plastic anaglyph glasses can employ diopter co...Image via Wikipedia
I have been working on some more problems with convergence in Vision Therapy by wearing red and green glasses and viewing anaglyphic red/green pictures.  Also, I copy complex dot pictures by connecting rubber bands over pegs, or by putting pegs in a board.

Also, sometimes I am using the white flippers that the little girl is holding and looking at pictures through a small aperture. You slide the aperture slowly towards you and look through the  hole at two pictures and try to line them up.  

This is the balametrics exercise that I was doing at A Total Approach.  I had a stick that I would swat the ball while I was standing on the Belgau Board.   The Belgau Board can be adjusted to be more or less stable.  One exercise that I did involved eye tracking.  As the ball swung in an arc, I would track it with my eyes until the ball connected with the ruler. At first, I could hit anywhere on the ruler and then the exercises got more difficult.  I would have to hit the ball with a particular color on the ruler.  Then hit the ball by walking down the ruler from one end to the next.  Then hit the ball over some targets. And then hit the ball over the target as the ball swung in an arc. And then hit the ball in an arc over the targets.

I also play Brainware Safari's Cave Comparison where I compare the positions of a triangle, box, and circle:  above, below, same level and left/right. 

I also play PTS II and try and remember matching pictures -- sometimes matching fruit and other times matching portraits.  PTS II helps you practice simultaneous processing, sequential processing, speed-of-information processing, visual temporal processing, and rapid automatized naming, Visual Attention, Visual Sequential Memory, and Visual Sequential-Spatial Integration.

We've also done a computer exercise that involves finding boxes that appear to pop out into 3D.

Offline paper exercises have included the Michigan Tracking Test and a timed test where I quickly call out the underlined numbers.