Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Avoiding Death by Uploading Your Brain

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"Ken Hayworth, a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard, has come up with an unusual potential form of immortality by preserving the human brain in a computer. Most theories of extending life, such as using experimental supplements or super-sensitive health monitoring, work with a person’s existing body. Hayworth suggests that it might be possible to copy your brain, complete with all its thoughts, memories and learned abilities, for use in a form other than the body you have used all your life.

Theoretically, human thoughts can be copied and loaded onto a hard drive, Hayworth insists, which is why he’s seeking funding for a Brain Preservation Technology Prize which would solicit solutions for his hypothesis. The process would likely entail freezing or preserving the brain shortly before death, then slicing it into nanometer thin wafers, scanning it and uploading it"

AllGov - News - Avoiding Death by Uploading Your Brain

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