Saturday, April 10, 2010

Developing Better Balance with Tadasana Yoga Pose

TadasanaImage by tarnalberry via Flickr
Tadasana, otherwise known as the Mountain Pose, is the basic standing posture with feet together and hands at the sides of the body It is a good pose to develop better balance.

Here are Some exercises from Yogic Trance to develop Better Balance:
Sensing with eyes closed
Start your clients out by simply standing in Tadasana. Have them place a block between their feet and sense the sides of their feet touching the block. The block will allow many clients who feel ungrounded to connect with a tangible object and feel more secure. After they have positioned themselves from the ground up, invite them to close their eyes. Ask them to take note of any subtle movement of their body. Are they moving forward and back, side-to-side or noticing no movement at all? What do they feel moving most? Where do they feel their body weight? Encourage them to observe from the inside out.

Sensing with eyes closed and adding movement
Now invite them to lift their toes on an inhale and release them down on the exhale. Still keeping the eyes closed, can they sense the four corners of their feet. Next have them move their arms overhead on an in breath, while still keeping the eyes closed. Do they feel that the arms a parallel? Do they perceive that their arms are overhead? Do the arms feel like they are out in front or drawn behind the body? Just have them observe.

Adding in Rotational Movement
Have them drop the arms to shoulder height and invite them to rotate the arms so that the pinkies and thumbs rotate up to the sky and down to the floor, like rolling a log. How has this dynamic changed what they are sensing or hearing in their body wisdom?

This warm-up is an example of how to begin to create a sense of body awareness...Helping your clients become aware of proprioception begins with allowing them to truly connect and experience solid mind body integration.

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