Friday, April 30, 2010

The Green Brain

I have been  thinking of looking at  many of my disabilities: learning, vision, hearing, nutrition, etc. through a green lens and stumbled across this report.  I think the map it lays out on future trends is excellent.  l'd also like to add psychological health and contemplative science to the implications of  this report.

Link to IFTF report
Many scientists and public health practitioners recognize that environmental conditions have a dramatic effect on health, but the general public has only recently come to understand that this causal relationship affects their day-to-day lives. IFTF research revelas that we are now learning to link our personal health not only to our immediate environments but also to the larger ecologies in which we live. We are beginning to relate the sustainability of the planet to the sustainability of our health as never before. At IFTF, we call this movement Green Health."

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