Monday, April 19, 2010

Strategies to Develop Visual Memory Skills

NYC - MoMA: Design and the Elastic Mind - Huma...Image by wallyg via Flickr
Tangrams can help
"Here is the sequence we came up with to remember a block design so that, without looking at the model, it is easy to rebuild it from memory:

  •  Start with a simple block design that you want to remember
  • Build it
  • Analyze it by making associations and by dividing the larger design into manageable chunks
  • See if you can close your eyes and see the design in your mind
  • Practice referring to the mental image and drawing or assembling it on paper or in space
  • Do something else for a while
  • After several minutes, hours, or days, see if you can still access, refer to, build, and use the visual image stored in your mind"
Eye Can Too! Read: Strategies to Develop Visual Memory Skills:

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