Monday, April 19, 2010

Toes Know: How Eyes Follow the Toes

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The Toes  Know!  I tried this simple tip of aligning my feet with the Brock String when I work on my home exercises from vision therapy

How your posture affects your eyes. Poor posture may indicate a need to see a developmental optometrist (not the opthamologist).

A few tips for those working on getting 3D vision: Posture, Posture, Posture!!! The nuns in Catholic school who were making you sit up straight were right!

Here's a reblog from Eye Can Too! Read: Toes Matter:

"In our vision therapy room we pay attention to our patients' toes as well as to their posture in general. Toes matter. Every ballet dancer knows that the eyes follow the toes.When a patient habitually stands with one toe pointed in or out and tries to do the Brock String, for instance, they typically find it easier when their feet are parallel to the string. If they twist their hips or stand with one shoulder raised, a head tilted, or a shoulder tipped back or forward, we notice that they often also have a problem performing the therapy activities that require them to team their eyes efficiently. So, if you have poor posture, walk toes in or out, or tilt your head, I suggest that you make an appointment to see a developmental optometrist to learn if your posture might be due to a binocular vision problem - besides, even if you have perfect posture, you should get a comprehensive eye examination once a year."

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