Sunday, April 18, 2010

Vision Therapy is moving along nicely.

Still plugging away on 3D vision exercises.  We are working on Base In and Base Out (pointing your eyes towards your nose and relaxing them).  It seems I perseverate (fancy word for get stuck) on which ever one of these I start with and I continue through the session and can't switch back and forth easily.
It's true whether I work with the computer exercises or the aperture rule. During my neuropsychiatric evaluation, I scored below average on the WISC card sorting test where the tester arranges cards with a certain pattern and you match the pattern.  During the exam, he switches the pattern and you are supposed to switch with him.  I was kinda slow on the uptake and didn't always switch as fast as he was switching or I knew he had switched but I couldn't figure out the new pattern.

We also take a break and work on audio-visual integration (another one of my problems).  There is this program that beeps a series of patterns at you.   The computer either beeps back at you or flashes a series of  dots representing the pattern.  All the beeping is enough to make us all beeping scream!   Even Marianne, the therapist, wanted to step outside and get away from the racket.

She's decided that I am doing well enough with the dots and the beeps on the computer so she's upping the ante.  I am now doing tangrams  at the same time I am trying to recognize a beeping pattern and select the correct response of dots.  I need to do more work on this.  Tangrams, come from China, and are a  puzzle consisting of seven flat shapes, called tans, which are put together to form shapes.  It was really hard.  I only got 50% of my beeps right.  I did get through the tangram.

For those of you geeky enough to want to take a look into the mathematical relationships behind tangrams, see Wolfram.

For those of you who are really bored at work, and want to burn some time with online tangrams, try these!   Warning:  turn your sound off before you hit the link, unless you want to hear some Chinese music.

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