Monday, May 24, 2010

Eye Can Too! Read: Tossing Bean Bags Can Improve A Child's Reading

Count and Spell Color Recognition Beanbags - N...Image by EraPhernalia Vintage via Flickr
 "When this becomes easy, make the activity even more difficult.

  • Hold two bean bags, one in each hand at waist level, palms up
  • Toss one bean bag in an arc
  • Watch the bean bag that is flying
  • When the bean bag is in the air, mid-flight, clap the other bean bag into the hand that threw the first bean bag (DO NOT Throw the second bean bag - CLAP It!)
  • Catch the first bean bag with the now empty hand
  • Continue for as many repetitions as possible

As your child masters these simple and quite entertaining activities, she will become more aware of how to direct her eyes. The longer she can sustain the activity, the more she will exercise her eye muscles. While this activity alone will not remediate a severe eye movement deficit, it will begin to give your child experience using and developing their ocular motilities."

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