Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gluten Free Casein Free Goes Multicultural

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After I decided to go Gluten Free-Casein Free (GFCF), I, of course, went to the grocery store to troll through the GFCF offerings.  I am no stranger to reformed food as my husband had been on a low carb diet and now a low sodium diet and know to seek out the mutant food... you know, your favorite treats denuded of the joy that made them what they are... I know that the joy is based on putting something evil in your body, but being a creature of habit, my first impulse is to reach for a cousin of the food that I was accustomed to:  bread, pasta, crackers, cakes, cookies, pies, milk, yogurt, etc.

So I scanned the aisles for GFCF, reached for a package of pasta, looked at the price and then stopped dead in my tracks.  No, not gonna pay that much for pasta.  Looked at the gluten free breads, Ditto.  Not going to pay $3 for a gluten free cookie or piece of cake.

I did talk myself into loading up on rice flour, xanthum gum, guar guar, and soy flour on the guise that one day I will have a huge bread craving and that I will be saving all kinds of money by baking my own.   But for a good while, they have been sitting on the shelf waiting for me to toss them into my bread maker.

But, I thought a better way to go GFCF  might be to look towards recipes and foods that provide some carbs but are naturally gluten free.    So rather than adapting recipes with bread, this means eating more rice, potatoes, and corn free tortillas and using recipes from around the world to vary the meals.

So  my first stop is Asia where they eat less bread and more rice.  For now, I am looking for sodium free foods so I can eat with my husband.  I haven't found a soy sauce that is both low sodium and gluten free so I guess for right now, we will have his and her stir fries.  But, if I stick to brown rice and rice noodles, I'm OK.  I'll also be trying a bit of buckweat soba to see how well that works.  I'm not allergic to wheat and dairy. Just intolerant.

On to Italy:  a mushroom risottos (no cheese) is on my list as well as recipes using chestnut flour.  There is a really nice Christmas pie that uses chestnut flour.  I haven't tried polenta yet but I did get the corn meal for it.

On to Latin America, I've also been eating more corn tortillas in my tacos.  I hate to admit it but I do prefer the Flour based tortillas.  But I am acquiring the taste for corn tortillas.

In the Zementa links below, there is article saying that GFCF and restrictive diets don't seem to help autism much.  However, like Stephen Colbert, I let my gut do the deciding and my gut seems to tell me that we are all happier and the gut is quieter if I am GFCF along with not too much grease, hot spices  or alcohol. 

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