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The hearing test game: 'Blind Man's Simon Says'

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This is a very useful guide for teachers to do a quick screening of children with auditory problems.

When looking at hearing issues, it is very interesting to look at Australian aborigines.  Many Australian aborigines children have chronic ear problems especially otis media which results in  many Australian aborigines having hearing problems later in life.  Hearing loss is  an especially important issue for groups such as Aboriginal, Maori and Pacific Island people who are known to have high levels of conductive hearing loss and for the people who develop the policies that guide the welfare and criminal justice systems. Studies have found that 85% of Indigenous inmates have some degree of hearing loss.

In the US, 8% of the general population 36% of the inmates have a hearing loss.In a courthouse, hearing loss can manifest itself when it takes a person a long time to answer questions or is reluctant/avoids participating in discussions or Q&A, asks for questions to be repeated, is confused by topic changes, has problems maintaining attention, often needs to have words explained, or is confused by linguistic complexity.  People with hearing problems can avoid stopping when a policeman asks them to stop.  Courtroom problems can also involve attorneys  use rapid-fire questioning, linguistically convoluted questions, trick questions, or syntactically complex questions.

In Australia, 10% of the population have Auditory Processing Disorders; among the Aborigines, 40% have Auditory Processing Disorders.

Other indicators include going off-topic during a conversation, often asking for repetition or clarification.

Aborigines rely on nonverbal communication to a greater degree than native Australians. 

So a Blind Man's Simon Says, can help teachers around the world avoid hearing problems belonging to Australian aborigines.
The hearing test game: 'Blind Man's Simon Says'

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