Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How brain hears the sound of silence and CAPD

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Could be very important for CAPD especially problems hearing in noisy environments like cocktail parties.

How brain hears the sound of silence: Separate brain pathways process the start and end of what we hear: "The UO team also noted that responses to the end of a sound involved different frequency tuning, duration and amplitude than those involved in processing the start of a sound, findings that agree with a trend cited in at least three other studies in the last decade.

'Being able to perceive when sound stops is very important for speech processing,' Wehr said. 'One of the really hard problems in speech is finding the boundaries between the different parts of words. It is really not well understood how the brain does that.'"

I can attest to this.  I was recently at my college reunion mixer and I had to continually ask people to repeat themselves.

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