Sunday, May 23, 2010

Vision Therapy and Normalcy

turn to clear visionImage by aphasiafilms via Flickr
Do you guys really call this normal?  I was talking to my husband about how I see things and he told me how everyone else sees things in the distance as double and that they only slide into view as one object as you focus.

I don't see the world this way at all.  Everything is just one thing regardless of the distance from me or the focus.  You people are just weird.  As far as I am concerned, when there is only one car in the distance, then I see only one car.  That's all.

I'm not so sure I want to be like you guys! :) Really!  Normality sure is weird.  I am going to vision therapy to learn how to do this!

You know, predator species have their eyes centrally located to maximize their depth perception to spot their next meal.  Prey have their eyes on their side to maximize their ability to spot predators.  They don't quite have depth perception.   Maybe, genetically, I am more linked to being prey!  I always knew I was more of a grass eater than a meat eater.

I know that this weirdness is tied up with depth perception and that the day I can see double will be the day I have depth perception.  But it sure will be strange.
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