Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Interactive metronome and ADHD

The Interactive Metronome is used to treat ADHD.  Experts believe that motor planning and sequencing, rhythmicity, and timing are all relevant to attention problems. There is a lot of evidence to indicate that sensory and motor problems affect higher order functioning skills like inhibition and attention.  The brain is not modular especially when looking at how lower order functions such as hearing, vision, motor planning and balance impact behavior and executive functioning.  Difficulty regulating the sequence and timing of motor patterns are related to problems with behavioral inhibition (i.e. being able to stop or inhibit oneself from executing a behavioral response) and executive functioning (i.e. higher level cognitive abilities such as goal setting and planning), that impact ADHD. Improvement in timing skills and motor planning lead to improvements in organizational behavior, attention  and inhibition.

Another note:  Central Auditory Processing Disorder is often misdiagnosed as ADHD as a number of symptoms like inhibition, organizational ability, goal setting and planning are also features of CAPD.
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