Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Interactive Metronome and Vision Therapy 5/19

Just had my interim assessment with Interactive Metronome (IM):  all my scores are greatly improved across the board from hands clapping, hand-body clapping (right and left), toe tapping (right and left), and balance tapping.  Only heel tapping (both heels) didn't improve much.  I kept verbalizing (I sing the alphabet over and over again) to stay on beat but I will work on giving it up soon.

Vision Therapy went on.  We did the aperture rule which works on 3d vision, some reading fluency (I scored 200 words per minute, 90% accuracy on a high school reading exam),  and visual audio integration (watching flashing lights and counting beeps).  Next week, I will take another vision assessment with Dr. Herzberg.

So just plugging along.
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