Sunday, May 30, 2010

Raw milk: A dangerous beverage or human right?

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 "The federal government and virtually all public health agencies oppose consumption of raw milk because it can carry dangerous bacteria including E. coli , listeria and campylobacter. Last month, 13 people in Michigan were sickened by campylobacter in an outbreak tied to raw milk sold at a northern Indiana farm."

Julie's Health Club: Raw milk: A dangerous beverage or human right?:

On the other hand, French people drink raw milk all the time.  I remember when I first came to France that I had problem tolerating the milk.

Now that I haven't drank regular milk in a while and have been relatively casein free,  I am wondering if I can tolerate raw milk.  There is a farm near me that sells it.  The farm is run by a veterinarian so I feel good about the way he cares for his animals.  His milk production is pretty small scale.  So I think at least his milk might be OK, the news articles not withstanding.
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