Friday, May 28, 2010

Results from Vision Examination 5/26

An example of the Brock String in use for trea...Image of Brock String via Wikipedia
Went to see Dr. Herzberg for my 6 month vision examination.  This time she focused on binocular vision and 3D issues.  I was a little tired because I had an appointment with my holistic doctor earlier in the day in Quakertown and then drove to Glen Mills on the other side of  Philadelphia and then back north past philadelphia to Princeton NJ to have the eye examination -- 2 hours and 22 minutes of driving.  I wish everything was closer but you go where you can get the right people to help you.

She had a little chart with circles on it and a pen.  I was supposed to look at the pen point and have the circles start to fuse and pop out.  Unfortunately, I was too distracted by the pen point and couldn't get the circles to do what it was supposed to.  So, she brought out the Brock string and had me make Xs with the string which I did successfully.  I do the Brock string exercises on a daily basis so this was cool.

Well, the upshot of the visit is that we are going to have 6 more sessions of vision therapy and we will work on 3D vision in space.  Since I am getting my timing issues under control both with the Interactive Metronome work that I have been doing at A Total Approach and the audio visual integration work we are doing in vision therapy, we will work on the drills integrating timed beeps with visual memory exercises.

We had tested my reading and I am reading at 209 words per minute -- a junior high school level fluency.  How the heck did that happen?  You can see that I can read some pretty dense stuff!  But, I think when I read for meaning, I do end up re-reading a lot of passages and my eyes jump around.  So I will also do a home-based reading therapy that puts words out in a single line across the computer screen -- at first, in small phrases and then in ever larger phrases and then just rolling across the screen.

Then I will come back and see Dr. Herzberg in 2 months.
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