Monday, May 31, 2010

The Social Contract TV Show Episode with APD

More than just Rosie O'Donnell is hitting the media with Auditory Processing Disorder.  For example, here is a TV show episode with Auditory Processing Disorder:

Nick plays cards with his daughter Marika. He's telling her what cards he has and she says he can't win if he keeps doing that. Nick asks "How about if I tickle you while I tell you?" and Marika shrieks and laughs. Taub and Kutner come in to do the tests with an overly cheerful greeting on Kutner's part and Nick wonders out loud if Kutner isn't just a little too happy, maybe being more interested in the problem than the patient. Taub assures him that they are going to shove this humongous probe up his nose without any undue enjoyment.
Taub asks Marika to excuse them, but she doesn't get the hint, and mom Audrey begins an explanation about Marika having this little 'auditory processing difficulty' when Nick just asks her directly to hop off the bed and she does with no sign of impairment.
House 517 - The Social Contract

This description is interesting as the writer is passing judgment on Marika.

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