Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tic Toc and Scratch, Scratch

Cow bell on wooden plank.Image via Wikipedia
I  really improved today at the Interactive Metronome (IM) -- my task averages were in the 50's with the more difficult tasks today.  My difficult tasks are clapping my hands 4 times and then my toes 4 times.  Kind of a disjoint Mexican hat dance!  Also, I have problems tapping my heels backwards on the pad in time to the cow bell.  I was on the beat 30% of the time (up from 5%!).

I still have a ways to go... we want the task averages to be down in the 15% range but good day overall. However, in the middle of IM, I started to get really itchy.  It's hard to stay on the beat when you want to scratch your nose, your neck, your sides, your arms.  Apparently, some itch reflex gets kicked off in the middle of IM as other people have noted similar things. 

 But, IM really kicked my butt... I was tired and there was an accident on the highway so I cut off and went out to eat a nice Indian lunch.  I really wanted to just shut down and be in a low key environment.  So I got some coffee at a local coffee shop for the long drive back home (Therapy is about 1 hour of highway driving from my home).  Got home, scratched myself some more, and went to sleep
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