Sunday, May 16, 2010

Vision Therapy: Quoits and Cowboys and More

Still working away at 3D vision.  Been doing quoits and cowboys vectograms.  Polarized vectograms ensure testing and training at actual distances. Vectograms stabilize fusion and stereopsis, eliminate suppression and develop simultaneous vision.   Quoits (seen to the right) work on base out and cowboy vectograms work on base in.  These are different exercises trying to get the eye to remember to focus in towards the nose or away from the nose.

We have been also working with the aperture rule and I'm getting up to card 7.  Additionally, we got a new set of cards to look at for 3d Vision.

Other things we work on include:  audio-visual integration.  We did some exercises today after I did the Interactive Metronome at Occupational therapy.  Unfortunately, I was so tired from IM that I didn't do so well.

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