Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Does Your Child Stand With One Leg or Arm Wrapped Around the Other?

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 "I have recently noticed that many of the children with the most severely delayed laterality and directionality skills stand or sit with one leg wrapped around the other. They often twist their bodies when standing, and seem to be holding themselves together with the right hand grabbing their left side and the left hand grabbing their right side. I think that this postural habit exacerbates the problem by making it difficult for the child to know which body parts belong to the right side and which to the left. I have begun to coach parents to discourage their children from using these positions as another way to address the child's visual spatial problems which they sometimes express as being 'confusing.' I'd love to know whether others see the same correlations."

Eye Can Too! Read: Does Your Child Stand With One Leg or Arm Wrapped Around the Other?:

I used to sit like this.  I never knew that it meant that I had delayed laterality and directionality-- in other words, why I have problems knowing my right for my left, or problems that I used to have reading maps (always had a problem orienting the darn thing), 

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