Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I got rhythm! Well, sorta

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and briefly.

I just finished round 1 of Interactive Metronome and had my assessment.  I really did improve a lot over my first scores which were well over 100 on all counts: 

Clapping with Both hands averaged 24 ms (miliseconds) within the beat and 44% of the claps were on time!  Best score ever!
Other scores involving the  hands were way up as well!

Tapping with both toes, heels, and right/left toe were in the 40's.

My balance was a little wacked so my tapping with my right foot was OK around 39 and tapping with my left toe was off -- up at 74.  But I could feel my balance was a little wacked.

So overall:  bilateral ms avg was 48.5 and my adjusted ms avg is 37.6.

But, the real surprise in all this data was that during my best tests where I was clapping with both hands, is that I could feel the beat and I could tell when I was on time.  I never really have felt the beat  before.  I don't think that people have really tied arhythmia (lack of rhythm) to developmental disorder.  All the musical neurology  sites seem to treat it as a nice to have feature in our lives and not as a foundational skill for reading, attention, focus, coordination, etc.

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