Friday, June 11, 2010

I Will Learn to Fly Someday and Other Thoughts From My Optometrist

I've been emailing my optometrist about the impact of vision on higher order mental processes and getting some counseling on the types of things that would be easy for me and the things that would be challenging.

Q:  On my neuropsychiatric evaluation, I got rated as below average on processing speed (the speed that my brain processes information).  How will vision therapy help processing speed?
The Dynamic Reading Program addresses Processing Speed.
Q.  How will vision therapy affect Organizational skills and Time Management.
It may be a good idea to consider an evaluation of assistive technology to support organizational skills.
Q. I have some problems keeping track of people in groups when I am talking to them.  I tend to only focus on one person at a time. I am not sure how much is related to vision and how much is related to other things such as hearing or Theory of Mind (the Autistic problem of interacting with other people--I am not sure I have this problem).  What can vision therapy do about this problem?
There are some additional tasks we will used in vision therapy to address challenges with awareness of peripheral vision.  Parafoveal Stim techniques.
Q.  What are good career choices for me and what are occupations/skill sets that would be challenging given the problems in vision?
Can you remind me of your current training and degrees.  I would be glad to brain storm employment ideas.  It may be best to bring in a 'coach' who can do some measures and make recommendations about career goals.  There may be jobs out there we do not know about that would be perfect for you!!!!!
 Q.  I have been diagnosed with Non Verbal Learning Disorder and I am not sure about this diagnosis because I often draw simple diagrams to solve problems or understand complex material.  Can you explain this?  I like to look at art.
Being able to draw and understand diagrams is not consistent with the diagnosis of Non Verbal Learning difficulty.
Q.  When I am tired or out of sorts, the effects of therapy, seem to wear off.
Slipping back into bad habits means it is time to take a break from the task.  Make sure you are getting enough sleep, too.
Q. When I finish vision therapy, if my eyes recover, can I learn to fly?  I have promised myself I would do this someday if it's still possible?
Flying lessons sound exciting.  I would look for a teacher who can start with flight simulation programs on a computer.
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