Sunday, June 20, 2010

If you can’t coordinate your body movements, you can’t coordinate your eye movements

Here's a clip from WOW Vision that I found very interesting in integrating body movements and vision therapy.

"There is a phrase that I heard when I first started here, and I’ve never forgotten it. “If you can’t coordinate your body movements, you can’t coordinate your eye movements.” I have found this to be so true. When a patient doesn’t have good control over simple body movements, then it is difficult to control the eyes in a coordinated fashion because all of the mind’s attention is on controlling the body, not the eyes.

Here at Wow Vision Therapy, we work on not only eye movements but body movements as well. We do something called “Chapters” which is a series of coordinated body movements that focus on being able to make the upper half of the body move in sync with the lower half of the body. As the difficulty increases with each Chapter, vision plays a more significant role in the successful completion of them by requiring balance or noticing simultaneous movements between the arms and legs. Just in the short amount of time I have been here I have seen many children graduate from the program that are less clumsy and are able to ride a 2-wheel bike now when they never could before. The coordination learned through the combination of vision and movement during the Chapters plays a significant role in this successful outcome."

EXCELerated Vision:

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