Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lusting After the Iphone 4.0

My current iPhone 'desktop'Image by Niels van Eck via Flickr
I have been annoying my husband to no end about wanting an Iphone.  He has been putting me off for over 9 months but has finally capitulated. 

His take has been that ATT&T service is lousy and we should wait until coverage gets better. So There has been "Waiting For Coverage".  Then there is the big question of "Are We Getting The Best Deal?"  The Best Deals are generally around Christmas.  But Christmas came and went because we heard about the upgrade to 4.0. So, we shifted from "Are We Getting the Best Deal?" to "Wait, Till The Latest And Greatest Comes Out".  So here we are in June.  I suppose we could wait for Christmas to get the "Are We Getting The Best Deal?" answered yet again.

In the mean time, we have been paying Iphone data rates for Basic Sprint coverage.  My husband and I don't text much and we basically use our Motorola V3c for just phone service.  We have good coverage and little complaints with Sprint.  But we are paying way too much for what we got. 
I just decided that I was never going to get "The Best Deal" with "The Best Coverage" and "The Latest and Greatest" and that we were "Trying to Hit A Moving Target"... so we had to "Make a Decision Under Uncertainty".  So, I just put my foot down and said, " I want my Iphone and I want it, NOW!"  and "You can do what you want whenever you want".  So hubby is still pondering his options while I will be standing in line tomorrow to register for the new iPhone.

So why do I lust, so... why is my limbic system vibrating with joy at the thought of getting an Iphone.  Why have I been haranguing (I'm not subtle) my husband with "I NEED an Iphone!!!".  Besides the fact that it is way cool.  My husband has a first generation touch that he has been very happy with that I gave him for Christmas and, no doubt, protects him from such lust.

But I long for the iPhone because:

  1. I want my calendars with me.  I want to sync my mac calendars with my google calendar and have something to carry around.  Although that will mean that I need to remember to keep my phone charged and with me.  Something that I am not good at doing right now primarily because I don't have much of a reason for it.  If I have my little lists and daily deadlines with me, I will have a reason to keep my phone with me.  
  2. I want an organizer that I can carry around.  I want to use one of the Getting It Done apps:  Things, iGtd, Midnight Inbox, Omnifocus, Kinkless GTD.  I've used iGtd on the Mac for a while, but it gets hard to use when you are mobile.
  3. I want to get my life goals nagging me on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.  I want Lifetick app.  Based on the S.M.A.R.T. goal setting methodology and driven according to your values, Lifetick makes achievement a part of your life.  Lifetick helps you define your values and map goals according to your values.  Then, beneath each goal, you put actions with due dates... i.e. accountability. Making your dreams come true.
  4. I want the MacSpeech Dictate interface to the iPhone so that I can dictate on the go.  I don't want to be as chained to the computer as I have been.  I have osteoarthritis of the neck and some minor back problems from lousy posture.  I can be sitting properly in a chair and talking to my iPhone.
  5. I want the desktop interface for the iPhone to my Mac further untethering me from the desktop.
  6. I want the interface for the iPhone to my TV so I can beam videos from my iPhone to my TV.  
  7. I want the Lumosity Brain Game on my iPhone.  
  8. I want the comparison shopping app like Redlaser.   You can scan a product by lining up its barcode in RedLaser’s crosshairs and Redlaser finds the best deal for you.
  9. I want something that integrates well with my Mac.  Third party integration always has some glitches.  With my motor apraxia (motor coordination issues) and executive function problems, I don't want to screw around getting functionality to work as advertised.
  10. I also want to try the Sound Oasis for the Iphone.  When I come home late at night from New York City on the train, my ears are ringing from tinnitus. I could play the sound maskers that Sound Oasis provides to mask the tinnitus and I would be more comfortable.
  11. I want to investigate some of the hearing impaired applications for the iPhone.  Maybe even write one of my own to be tailored to my own needs.  I have some real problems distinguishing speech in noise and it doesn't seem that it would be too hard to write something like a NF575 Noise Filter that is currently being used for filtering out extraneous sounds from music but filter out extraneous noise from speech. 
  12. Having NYC subway maps and NJTransit schedules with me so I can plan out when I come home from the city.  That way I spend more time in a comfortable cafe and less time in Penn Station.
  13. Also, Reqall so I can dictate reminders.
I know... I want....want....want...

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