Friday, June 25, 2010

Me as a Little Urchin Eating Watermelon

IMG_6646 vfImage by Franie Frou Frou via Flickr
Well, my progress with motor skills isn't just a straightforward path and sometimes seems to wander about.  The other day, I bought a watermelon and sliced it into cubes so that I could store it more easily in the refrigerator.  There is nothing nicer than ice cold watermelon on these hot days.  Given the heat, I put on the coolest thing I could find:  my husband's white T-shirt.

So, I start cutting the watermelon in half and then quarter slices  and carving out my cubes of its juicy, red flesh and munching on chunks. Cut, carve, munch... Finished slicing the watermelon and started to cleanup when I noticed that I had nice round spots of watermelon all over my T-shirt and watermelon juice on the counter and a face wet with watermelon..

Have I really progressed from that child eating a watermelon?  I thought all this physical therapy that I've been doing would have cleared up hand-eye coordination and motor skill problems... but apparently only so far. 

The other thing to ponder is masking.  Hiding behavior that's not socially acceptable.  When I'm with other people, I try to control myself.  But when I am at home alone especially when I am tired or absorbed in something else, sometimes I snarf.  After therapy. I thought my snarfing days were over, but apparently, not.  Therapy has cleared up the worst of my lousy motor skills and slopping about... but not everything, at least not yet.
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